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Best Tattoo Design Apps and How to Create One for You

Nowadays, mobile applications serve more purposes than one could have imagined. Apart from all the regular applications like e-commerce apps, automotive apps, apps for booking hotels, banking apps, and others, there are also applications that serve a unique and creative purpose. One of the categories of such applications is a tattoo design app. In this article, we will be exploring everything related to a tattoo design app. From how these applications are created to the purpose they serve and a list of renowned tattoo design apps, all important topics will be covered in this read. 

Mobile App Industry: The Mind-Blowing Growth And Success Of The Industry

The mobile app industry is one of the leading and most successful industries in the technological world. Even though mobile applications serve common purposes to mankind, the convenience, efficiency, and effectiveness these applications bring to one’s life have changed how people view this tech advancement. 

The fact that, with mobile applications, an individual or a business can conduct most of its tasks digitally without wasting any time, money, or effort is the biggest plus point or advantage that has made the popularity of mobile applications rapid. When we look at the general statistics of mobile applications in the USA, we can see that almost 70% of the digital media time spent by users is on mobile applications. Another shocking statistic for the app industry has highlighted the revenue generation of over $935 billion by mobile apps in 2023.

Currently, there are billions of people who own smartphones or other portable devices that support the installation of mobile applications. In order to facilitate each model, operating system, and other specifications of devices, mobile app developers are constantly designing and launching applications to serve and facilitate each user. A rough estimation of these applications has shown that there are 1.96 million apps on the Apple App Store and 2.87 million apps available for users to download on the Google Play Store.

What Is A Tattoo Design App? Definition And Explanation

In this article, we will focus on tattoo design apps, but first, we have to discover and understand what a tattoo design app is and what purpose it serves. A tattoo design app can be both a mobile-based and a web-based application, which is used for many reasons but primarily serves two main purposes. 

The first purpose of developing a tattoo design app is that these applications work as a blank canvas for users to design, customize, and visualize tattoo designs digitally. In simple words, the tattoo design app allows a user to create and edit a tattoo and visualize it on different parts of their body before they decide to finalize the design and go forward with having it on their body in reality. Not only can an individual create their own designs, but they can also share them with other users or artists to get recommendations or look over them for design inspiration with the help of ideas uploaded by other app consumers. 

The second purpose of creating a tattoo design app is to facilitate the process of communication and connection between clients and tattoo artists. With the help of such applications, users can easily find the available options for making a tattoo, visit the profiles of tattoo artists, and book an appointment while viewing their availability. 

In this regard, a tattoo design app is beneficial for both clients who want full assurity before having a tattoo created by trustworthy artists and business owners who want speedy progress and media visibility to showcase their talent on a bigger platform. 

What Are The Reasons To Create A Tattoo Design App?

People might wonder about the reasons for creating a tattoo design app when clients can easily view platforms like Google or Pinterest for tattoo inspiration and visit social networking platforms like Instagram or Facebook to decide on their favorite and preferred tattoo artist. However, there are not two but many purposes a tattoo design app might serve for clients as well as artists. In this section of the article, we will be reviewing these reasons in depth. 

  • Availability Of Libraries For Inspiration. 
  • Convenience Of Connection.
  • A Chance To Customize.
  • An Amazing Source Of Business Opportunity. 


  • Availability Of Libraries For Inspiration

The first reason to create a tattoo design app is that it promotes convenience and access to the massive range of libraries available for inspiration. Users can easily view these libraries to take inspiration for their next tattoo design, and tattoo artists can easily upload their artwork to these libraries to showcase their talent. 

  • Convenience Of Connection

The second reason for creating a tattoo design app is that it provides the convenience of connection and communication between clients and tattoo artists. Not only do these apps allow clients to book appointments, but they also allow users to communicate with each other regarding their ideas, experiences, availability, and much more. 

  • A Chance To Customize

The third purpose or reason for creating a tattoo design app is the most popular among clients who are looking forward to getting a tattoo done. These applications provide a wide range of different tools and editing options for personalizing your tattoo idea and pre-visualizing it to see whether it looks good or not. From selecting the size, shape, color, placement, and other details, a tattoo design app provides a lot of options for customization for users. 

  • An Amazing Source Of Business Opportunity

Creating a  tattoo design app is one of the best ways to kickstart your tattoo design business or elevate your pre-built business digitally. Since there are many people who are interested in getting their tattoos done but do not have a clue regarding the best possible options available on the market, a tattoo design app gives artists the opportunity to build a media presence and increase their sales generation through the right source. 

How To Create A Tattoo Design App

In this section of the article, we will be discussing the steps that are taken by app owners and mobile app developers to create a functional and visually appealing tattoo design app. 

  • Identify The Goals And Purpose Of Building The Application. 
  • Market Research For Competitions And Target Audiences. 
  • Taking Important Decisions Beforehand. 
  • Designing A Prototype Of The Tattoo Design App. 
  • Beginning With The Initial Development. 
  • UI/UX Design Development Phase. 
  • Testing And Updating Phase. 
  • Deployment And Maintenance. 


  • Identify The Goals And Purpose Of Building The Application

The first step in creating a tattoo design app is to identify the purpose that your application will serve. In other words, an app owner should have a clear-cut view and goals related to how their app will look, how it will function, and what services it will provide to facilitate the lives of users. 

  • Market Research For Competitions And Target Audiences 

The second step in developing a tattoo design app includes conducting market research for two purposes. The first purpose is to look out for competitors in the market who have an application that is similar to yours. You will have to look out for the strengths and weaknesses in their app to know how yours is better than theirs. The second type of research is related to the target audience. Before creating an app, you must identify the people who will be using it. It is essential to identify the age group of the audience and their needs or demands regarding the function of the tattoo design app. 

  • Taking Important Decisions Beforehand

The third step is more of a pre-developmental stage, which requires the app owner to refine the idea of the tattoo design app by making some important decisions beforehand. In this step, an app owner must decide the platform of deployment, device or operating system compatibility, resources that will be required for development, a mobile app development team, a marketing strategy, a  monetization strategy to make money, features included in the app, and much more. 

  • Designing A Prototype Of The Tattoo Design App

After the decisions are taken and a mobile app development company is hired to hire a team of skilled developers, the process of designing a prototype for the tattoo design app idea is started. In this phase, a prototype of the application is developed to test its functionality by adding basic elements and features that seem necessary for its smooth functioning. 

In this step, the developers trace out the initial flaws and errors in the idea so that they can refine the plan if needed.

  • Beginning With The Initial Development 

After the prototype of the tattoo design app is approved, the developmental phase of the application begins with its initial creational steps. In this stage, the mobile app developers focus on the back-end development of the app, which includes coding, software installation, basic controls of the app, the use of programming languages, and much more. In simple words, this section is focused on setting up the mechanics of the application.

  • UI/UX Design Development Phase 

Just when the back-end developers are indulged in creating the basic mechanics of the tattoo design app, the front-end developers of the mobile app development company are focused on designing and creating the User Interface (UI) of the applications, which assures a good-quality User Experience (UX). This step includes creating the layout, color theme, typography, elements of navigation, and much more.

  • Testing And Updating Phase

The second and last step of the tattoo design app development process includes the implementation of the different testing procedures once the applications are completely developed. With the help of a QA tester, the application is run through different examination techniques to check its functionality and other necessary factors. Whenever a flaw, bug, or error is detected in the tattoo design app, it is fixed then and there to make the application bug-free before its launch.

  • Deployment And Maintenance

The last step in creating a tattoo design app is for the application to be deployed on the chosen platform. The whole mobile app development company team should make sure that the app is deployed on the exact deadline so that the marketing of the app might not be disturbed; also, it assures the quality of your work among users. 

Once the app is deployed, it is monitored by the development team to make sure any errors, customer confusion, or negative feedback is addressed on time. 

A List Of Some Of The Best Tattoo Design Apps Available In The Market

There are many tattoo design applications available in the app store for consumers to install and use. However, some of them are known to outperform others because of their high-quality functionality and easy-to-understand user interface. In this section of the article, we will be reviewing a few of those tattoo design applications. 

  • Tattoo Designs. 
  • InkHunter. 
  • Tattoo Stencil. 
  • Tattoo Font Designer. 


  • Tattoo Designs

The first tattoo design app that provides a high-quality user experience to its consumers is known as Tattoo Designs.  With the help of this application, users get a chance to generate creative tattoo ideas using the latest design software. The application also includes an extensive library of trending and visually appealing designs.

Some of the amazing features of the application include ideas and inspiration for tattoo design, amazing options for editing tools with the help of which users can create a tattoo idea of any type, and the opportunity to like, download, and share designs, which makes it simple to store and use as references.

  • InkHunter

The second-best tattoo design app on the list is known as InkHunter. This application is known to utilize the latest technology of Augmented Reality (AR), which allows users to virtually try on their newly created tattoo design on different parts of their body to see whether it looks good or not. Other features of the applications include a wide variety of ideas for tattoo designs and the availability of cutting-edge technological tools to customize the design according to the consumer’s preferences. 

  • Tattoo Stencil 

The third tattoo design app to make it onto the list of the best tattoo design applications is known as Tattoo Stencil. This uniquely designed and developed app serves the purpose of producing design stencils. It is one of the best resources for artists, as it allows them to create stencils easily and lets users submit their tattoo designs or select from a collection of pre-designed templates.

Some of the amazing features of the application include the tracing function, which helps users to trace over the design to produce a stencil precisely; the choice to print, store, or share the stencil; and the availability of a mirror image that enables users to horizontally flip the pattern, which might be required for stenciling certain parts of the body.

  • Tattoo Font Designer

Last but not least, Tattoo Font Designer is a tattoo design app that allows users to select fonts from a massive variety or create their own customized fonts for their inking ideas. With the help of this application, users get the features of tracing, adjusting the color, spacing, alignment, size, and other details of the font size, and much more. 

How Can A Mobile App Development Company Help You With Developing A Tattoo Design App?

A mobile app development company is filled with professional and skilled app developers who have an academic background as well as a good amount of experience in the field of creating different types of applications. From developing apps that have limited and basic functions, like a basic-level food ordering application, to developing complex apps with a variety of trending features, like a gaming application, these professionals have the skills to do it all, all while staying within the estimated timeline and not wasting any resources. 

Moreover, these companies do not only have mobile app developers. Instead, they include a number of professionals as team members who are well-versed in carrying out their respective tasks. For instance, once you hire a team of app developers from an Android app development company, you will also have the facility of hiring a project manager who will take care of making all the procedures smooth and efficient as well as act as a bridge of communication, a QA tester who is responsible for testing, iterating, and fixing any flaws that are detected in the application, and many other professionals like digital marketers, team leads, etc. 

It is essential for beginners and businesses to take the help of a reputable mobile app development company if they want to create a working tattoo design app that will not only be functional but will also stand out in the market with its creative and unique features. 

How To Outsource App Development For Tattoo Design App Creation

Outsourcing app development for a tattoo design app is one of the safest and sanest decisions that one can make. Outsourcing is a process that allows businesses and companies to hand over the project of app development to professional app developers who will take care of the A-Z procedures of app creation. 

However, people often get confused about how to outsource app development so that their idea of a working tattoo design app can come to life. The process of outsourcing is simple; all you have to do is look out for the available options in the market and make sure that the selected options are reliable and trustworthy through testimonials, reviews, and portfolios. Once you are satisfied with the reputation of the outsourcing app development company, you have to book an interview to discuss all the important points, like objectives, expected outcomes, cost budget, etc., before finalizing the deal. 

The process of outsourcing app development lets a client stay stress-free as they hand over the task to professionals and stay connected throughout the journey to get constant updates. 

What Are The Benefits Of Creating A Custom Tattoo Design App?

Custom app development, be it of any kind, provides a lot of benefits to businesses and companies, and the same goes for custom tattoo design app development. Some of these points are mentioned in the list below. 

  • The option of customizing your tattoo design app gives you a chance to add a touch of personalization and purpose to your idea. It assures user retention as consumers feel a sense of belonging to the brand. 
  • It also improves user engagement and satisfaction, as adding customized features to an app allows you to develop a trending and updated tattoo design app that will stand out in the market.
  • Not only that, but the custom development of a tattoo design app also allows businesses to easily scale up and down the application and ensure increased sales generation at all times. 


To Wrap Up 

Professionals in the tech and digital industries recommend that each and every industrial sector and business develop its own mobile application, as it will bring quite a lot of benefits to the table. The same goes for the industry of artists, and tattoos are a form of artistic expression. Hence, for someone who is a tattoo designer and is really passionate about elevating their business, it is high time to get their tattoo design app created with the help of skilled app developers.

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