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Whiteboard Animation

Our Responsibility as a Whiteboard Animation Services Company

Stories that are more than just a lake or a forest but a landscape. Stories that will make your customers’ jaws drop in awe. That’s what we create. How do we do it? It is the culmination of the experience of many years of our whiteboard animation artists, which gives incredible results. Your story, our people. The result is a compelling and persuasive video that will make your target audience bonkers. Want your very own story to reach the audience? Reach out to our whiteboard animation studio now.

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Whiteboard Animation

Handing Out Social Media Videos

We offer the best whiteboard animation services in this industry regarding whiteboard animation because we enjoy the process. It is fun when we enjoy the process, which is the whole point of whiteboard animation videos and social media videos. A brief video with lots of cool visuals, as if you’re attending a digital classroom and the professor holding a marker is teaching you. That’s the magic of these videos and the whiteboard animation services organizations.

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Whiteboard Animation

Bringing The Best Video Making Gallery For Marketers

When the videos are brought to life and taken through the entire process of development with animations and creative illustrations, this develops a sense of engagement and connection between the promoter and the viewer. It gets more viewers inviting them to develop a network of audiences enjoying the creativity of videos and jaw-dropping animations. We offer the best whiteboard animation services along with the best social media video making. Having whiteboard animation videos on social media will allow more people to reach you, as people like to share good videos with friends and family. Whiteboard animation videos are inspiring and attractive in every way.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation An Exciting Way of Communication Through Animations

Whiteboard videos are initially made by recording the artist's life as they start drawing a particular content, at the same time reading out the story with efficiency and rhythm. It applies effects and motions to bring the story to life and make it exciting and innovative to watch. These animations are modest to understand, but they make us very involved in any video.

Whiteboard Animation Services

Finally - An Easy, Powerful Video Studio For Marketers.

The main difference between 2D and whiteboard animation videos is that an illustrator or a hand drawing is used for the content in the latter. In contrast, in 2D and 3D videos, proper images can be seen moving, just like a good movie. Good whiteboard animation services provide engaging videos. Custom whiteboard video production is one of the top trends in the market right now. A whiteboard video production company such as Binate Digital can help you with any type of video. Since the birth of our whiteboard animation studio, we have completed more than a thousand projects. And our clients are not just from the US. We have customers all over the world. Because of our vast experience and exposure to different clients, we have mastered creating ‘state-of-the-art whiteboard animation videos. Corporate whiteboard videos can help your company climb the rungs of the profit ladder. Whiteboard animation agency like Binate Digital provides top-notch content and quality of your videos.

Whiteboard Animation

Quick Delivery of Whiteboard Content

No one likes late deliveries. Whether it is the pizza you ordered or the whiteboard animated video, this is the best part regarding Binate Digital, which even creates corporate whiteboard videos for our clients within the timeframe. We guarantee timely video delivery so your business is miles away from loss. Our robust team strength and their ability to work on different projects at once make it easy for us to deliver the video within or even before the ETA. We like to make it easy and quick when a client’s project is provided we try our best to submit it on time, with accuracy and formation keeping the videos’s idea and creativity in mind.

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Why Choose Us Whiteboard Animation Services With Binate

Choosing Binate and having or highly experienced designers and video makers along with whiteboard animators will give a larger platform to work on your niche and grab your targetted audience. We will provide our services and will be in touch with you at all times to share suggestions and idea. Whiteboard animation services give a video a unique style with static images produced on the screen. Most of the time, a narration, or ‘subtitles’ as we can call them, explain what's happening in the video.

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Certified Icon Experienced Developers

We have experienced developers who provide corporate whiteboard videos with a good skill set and creative ideas.

Satisfaction Icon High Customer Reviews

Our whiteboard animation studios present wonderful layouts of animated explainer videos that automatically customer reviews are increased.

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Our custom whiteboard video production provides easy-running animations to learn and grasp.

Customer Care Icon Thin Line Advanced Technology

Binate is the best whiteboard video production company using advanced technology with well-equipped workstations.

people icon Strong Skilled Team

We at Binate have an environment of teamwork and dedication, making your own team and having productive meetings.

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Completing multiple tasks at a given time, creating animated whiteboard videos, and setting an example in the market.

Partners Who Rely On Us

We have catered to 600 agencies in North America, the Middle East, China, and Western Europe. We believe in building long-term relationships with agencies offshore by providing development services at scale, and this is the only way we know how to do it.

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FAQ,s FAQs on Whiteboard Animation Video Development

Some frequently asked questions about our whiteboard animation agency and their answers are mentioned below

On average, 6 to 8 days are required to complete a whiteboard animation video.

Nearly all industries may need a whiteboard animation video for health, education, sports, etc.

Yes, content can be changed once it has been finalized.

A small amount will be charged to change the content.

The ideal length lies somewhere between 60 to 90 seconds.

Binate Representatives that provide whiteboard animation services, can talk about this with you. Most probably, yes.

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