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10 Best Augmented Reality Games You Need to Play in 2024

Augmented reality and its gaming demand are increasing in today’s world. Gamers tend to play interactive games in an alternate environment that allows them to enter the gaming world through AR technology. The gaming market has expanded its arms toward augmented reality and virtual reality due to their exceeding stipulations. 

Exploring Alternate Realities With Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality gaming is basically overlaying different environment models and covering reality with digital graphics and enthusiastic soundtracks that are captured by the camera. We can say that augmented reality games are a blend of visuals and audio with a real-time user environment. AR games are built by utilizing the existing environment and designing the gaming field to draw gamers’ attention. Now gaming companies are adopting this advanced technology to reach new heights of success. When gamers connect with an AR game, they become a part of the game and play it as if AR reality is their real world. Usually, players take roles in the game and start playing levels that feel and sound like reality with physical movements to complete the missions of the game. 

High Demand For AR Gaming In Today’s World

With AR gaming, players feel connected to the game’s plot, feel the mission as their own, and play it with dedication. Players get connected to the game by diving into the mission and pushing themselves to compete with passion in order to win levels of the game. These games are maximizing profits for multiple industries, like media and IT. Due to AR gaming trends, numerous mobile game development companies have started launching games based on Augmented Reality to expand their profits. Most media production houses have started blending movie production with AR technology and gaming levels. These action-oriented scenarios and practical environments in Augmented Reality games create captivating and appealing visuals that engage a viewer’s and players’ interest, resulting in the value and popularity of the game. 

From Past to Present: A Brief History Of Augmented Reality Games 

The gaming world shifted its course in July 2016 with the launch of Pokémon Go and stroked the market’s attention with Augmented Reality and its advancement in the gaming industry with mobile game development services

  • If we talk about Augmented Reality, it has been with us since 1968, when Ivan Sutherland invented the first head-mounted Augmented display that was popularly known as Sword of Damocles, which made its way to today’s technology. 
  • Then, Sword of Damocles was given a name due to the curiosity that was created among gamers and multiple gaming industries. In 1990, it was known as Augmented Reality, and this name was given by Tom Caudell. 
  • The journey of AR technology did not stop mobile game development services here. In 1992, Lousi Rosenburg developed the very first enticing AR system created at the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory. 
  • Afterward, in 1998, AR was used for navigation in NASA’s X38 spacecraft, which was a big innovation that was brought inside NASA and benefited numerous craft captains in various ways. 
  • Then AR technology took a step in gaming with AR Quake’s launch in early 2000, along with a head-mounted display, in which players used to wear a backpack containing a computer with the headset. 
  • As it’s said, Augmented Reality is unstoppable technology, and the same happened in 2005 when AR technology was assembled for apps on smartphones in the form of a two-player game that was designed for Nokia phones. 
  • 2016 brought the spotlight in and ignited the gaming market with the launch of Pokémon, and to date, Augmented Reality games are gaining success without a pause. 

Explore The New Realms Of 10 Best Augmented Reality Games You Need To Play In 2024

Augmented reality games will not stop thriving in the gaming industry. Looking at today’s world, where research and new innovations in technology are taking place, it is hard to say that Augmented Reality will not stop at any point. It will keep increasing its value and making modifications too. Let’s learn more about the different types of Augmented Reality games below. 

Knight Fall AR Game

This is a game that is based on the fantasy that the city of Acres is attacked by other forces, and players have to shoot at the coming groups of invaders. A gun mechanism is targeted at the invaders, and the players have to fire it to save their city. Once the enemy is defeated, players can take their stuff and use it in the future. The games are based on multiple challenges that users need to compete against in order to win. Users like the real-world environment that keeps them entertained and connected to the game. This game has a photo capture feature, too, that allows the player to take snaps of their achievements and archive these snips as a victory gift. 

Zombies Run Game

Zombie Run is an enthusiastic game that is good for fitness. In these games, players don’t have to kill the zombies; instead, they have to run away from them, and as far as the player runs, the more he’ll be getting supplies. The zombie epidemic is created in the Augmented Reality environment, and the ravishing noises of Zombies that feel very real with advanced audio sounds scare the players and push them to go the extra mile by creating a healthy physical environment. If a player is chased by a zombie, they’ll have to speed up and build a base for their safety. There are two hundred missions to play that will never let a player run out of motivation. 

Temple Treasure Hunt

Temple Treasure Run is only available on Android and utilizes players’ locations in order to enhance the environmental experience given in the game. This is a fantastic game with a number of challenges and adventures to explore. There are a number of secret gates, stories, and multiple experiences in a game. A player has the option to play in dual modes. Hurdles are planned in such a way that the players need to solve these problems on their own. A player may get unique gifts along the way and utilize them to gain power and energy levels.

Pokémon Go

If you are searching for the largest game that has ever taken place on smartphones, Pokémon Go is the answer to your search. It’s specially designed for iOS and Android systems. The game was released in July 2016, and people have been downloading it millions of times over and over again. Basically, Pokémon is designed to allow players in real-life scenarios to capture battles and monitor Pokémon animals that are designed virtually. The game is still being updated and is integrated with GPS to track the player’s location. It has the most innovative gameplay, and it has the ability to interact with people and get them engaged in a game that is unique yet interesting. 

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The Harry Potter Series is the most popular of all and is played by every player. The dimension of wizards has been transformed into reality in the form of AR games where players can fight enemies and finish quests by collecting antique artifacts. This game brought the magic of the witch and wizard worlds to real life. With the power of AR technology, the goal of delivering the best experience was achieved. The game created real-world social interactions that allowed multiple users to connect with each other. This game is designed to let users have fun during a real-time adventure. The main goal was to allow players to face the magic world by living in the real world. 

Walking Dead: Our World

This game is based on AR technology and is designed for Android systems. The Walking Dead allows players to fight and survive for their lives in a world full of chaos. The player’s role is to gather resources and fight the zombies. Along with it, the player must collect resources to let him survive and create shelters to be saved from zombies out in the civilization. It also allows players to team up and connect with each other based on location. We can say the game is based on source management and zombie fighting. This allows users to have a different and captivating experience while playing games.

Jurassic World Alive

It is a new augmented reality game based on gameplay that allows players to train and capture dinosaurs. The game is free to play and is designed for iOS and Android devices. It can be downloaded through the app stores. The players can focus on their surroundings to start the dinosaur hunt. A 3D model of the Diano creature is generated, which can be collected, and then the player can add the creature to his collection.

Ingress Prime

The gameplay of this game is based on real-world scenarios that use data to create a virtual world. This game has promoted physical activity through augmented reality and its use in the changing environments of the game. The game is played by walking in the real world and then collecting the virtual elements on a smartphone or tablet. This game is free to play on Android and iOS devices and was released in 2018. 

Father.IO AR Laser Tag

A new game that transforms your smartphone into a laser tag gun. A player can point their cell phones at other players and shoot in a virtual projection. Father IO provides a platform for players to battle in a digital environment with their phones. The opponents can see their targets and virtual objects in the real world around them. The app also collects your gaming score, which allows competitors and players to play with enthusiasm. It encourages a new way to have friendly competition among players. 

Five Nights At Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery

It is a horror game that allows a player to become a  security guard who has to defend themselves from murderous animatronics and furious animals. This game utilizes AR technology to let the player play in a three-dimensional environment. The players must roam around the environment to avoid being captured by creepy animals that are animated. The game has a system that uses audio to scare away or lure the animated animals that might cause harm to the security guard. 

There are numerous mobile game development companies that are converting gaming ideas into actual games and changing ways of boosting the gaming industry with advanced AR technology. These companies provide a captivating player experience that is brought to life with extraordinary skills and the use of advanced gaming engines that only a skilled gaming developer can use. 

What Platforms Does A Mobile Game Developer Utilize For Game Development?

There are multiple game development platforms that a game planner and developer can take advantage of. As we take a step forward into the world of Augmented and Virtual realities, developers are brought complex gaming ideas that they have to shift into a fully functional game. All this cannot be done without accurate tools and platforms. A developer needs tools to turn ideas into reality. Mobile game development is a market that is like a golden goose that lays gold eggs. There are multiple business owners who are profiting from gaming apps and are reaching their peaks of success. Let’s get started and learn about some game development platforms that are used by mobile game developers. 

  • Unity 3D
  • Unreal Engine 
  • Mixamo  
  • Flutter 
  • Swift 

Unity 3D Game Development Engine

Unity is the most widely used search engine that allows the use of 2D and 3D blended with augmented reality and virtual reality. It provides tools for designing a unique game that gives players an experience that they have never felt before while playing a game. Unity provides a visual development environment that engages with AR and VR technology. Unity is widely used by mobile game development companies to pursue their goals in the gaming industry and profit from Unity games as much as they can. It possesses cross-platform integration that allows users to play games on tablets, PCs, and phones. It provides built-in asset stores that allow developers to have a template before designing a game. It has a support system that is multi-language and has high graphics that allow you to interact with players on a constructive level while playing a game. 

Games Developed With Unity Are:

  • Pokémon Go 
  • Call of Duty: Mobile 
  • Hollow Knight
  • Baymax Dreams,
  • Shadow Fight 3

Unreal Game Development Engine

Unreal Game Development is another popular game development search engine. It is known for its exceptional performance due to its all-in-one gaming tools for both 2D and 3D graphics and gaming modules. Unreal is used to create a wide range of games with visual effects and realistic graphics, which are the main ingredients of any engaging game development. Unreal is prominent among gaming engines due to its hi-tech graphics and advanced lighting effects that make a game’s story more realistic and stunning to play. The Unreal game engine uses compelling effects in the gameplay by providing a robust programming environment to a mobile game developer. The Unreal Engine allows developers to build highly realistic characters for the games that they are developing, which is also known as MetaHumann Creator. Just like Unity, the Unreal game engine can also perform on multiple platforms, and it is available for free use by developers. 

Games Developed With Unreal Engine Are:

  • Darkness Rises 
  • Injustice 2
  • Life Is Strange
  • After Pulse

Mixamo Game Development Software

Mixamo is a 3D animation software that is used in various games and engines, as it provides a library of already-made 3D characters, videos, and animation movies. Mixamo is a great asset for mobile game development companies, as it works like an extension for multiple gaming engines. A developer can upload their own 3D animation on Mixamo and convert it into an animation. The software even allows you to customize the 3D characters. It automatically rigs the character’s movements and creates realistic movements through animations. Its assets can be seamlessly brought into the game development process with its ready-to-use 3D characters.

Flutter Game Development Software

Flutter is a well-known cross-platform development technology that is usually used in mobile app development. It allows developers to combine the game codes and deliver applications for platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. Flutter is used to speed up the process of the game and to have an easy and smooth implementation of the gaming model. There are a number of gaming developers who are leaving behind other gaming languages and shifting to Flutter for smart and quick results. Flutter is only used for 2D game app development. It promotes code’s reusability for programmers and provides an easy learning curve for developers to integrate changes if needed.  

Games Developed With Unreal Engine Are:

  • Tap Hero Game 
  • Tissue Box 
  • PI Ultimate 

Swift Game Development

Swift is known only for Apple’s all-purpose programming that only works for iOS app development. Most mobile game development companies that provide iOS game development utilize Swift as their key development software. The only reason for its popularity in game development is iOS framework programming, and this is its flaw, too, that it is only assigned to one platform and cannot be used on any other platform. It is open-source software that is reliable for all iOS game development. 

Games Developed With Unreal Engine Are

  • Angry Bird
  • Crossy Road 

Cost Factors In Mobile Game Development 

It is observed that game development costs are increasing as time goes by due to their in-demand structure in the market. The cost of game development depends largely on what type of game is being developed, but still, it is quite expensive due to the high-quality engines that are used, and the highly skilled developers charge their cut as well. There are some factors that affect the cost of mobile game development. The topmost is the game’s engine and its tools, which are essential for the development of the game. Nowadays, mobile game development companies use these tools to provide result-oriented outcomes in gaming, which largely affects the cost and might imbalance the budget of any development process. Graphics quality and results are other factors that cannot be ignored during gaming. Graphics quality is evolving in today’s world, giving a more realistic visual. The graphics that are unique need capacities and types of equipment to recreate characters that seem real. This causes the game development budget to increase with speed, and eventually, the cost is affected. 

Creating Profitable Gaming Apps

Let’s take a mobile game app as a business, and before launching any business, you promote it, and the same goes for a game’s launch. Before launching it, you need to create hype among players about the game to make it more valuable and let them buy it. The easiest way to gain profit by creating profitable gaming apps is to keep the players coming back to your game and keep them playing. Make engaging games that players become addicted to and come back to play. This will involve promoting your game app to the gaming world and letting the target audience know about your game. Monetize your game and generate money through in-app purchases, subscriptions, and advertisements. Tactics like these allow you to generate profit in ways you never imagined. Once the game is launched, keep upgrading it so it never fades away and keeps sparkling due to continuous improvements. 


Wrapping It Up 

Everybody in today’s world is striving to earn profit out of technology by utilizing its assets. Developers are creating lucrative gaming apps that are inspiring gamers all over the world. A mobile game developer puts his efforts, time, and patience into bringing compelling gaming ideas to life. Eventually, picking the right mobile game development company plays a vital role in getting the desired game developed because only the most experienced company can provide expert developers who can blend technology with gaming imagination and characters. Binate Digital has a team of highly skilled developers who just don’t provide services. They become a seamless extension and ensure a finished game that is delivered on time. Take the time to conduct the research that is required in choosing the most prominent game app development company and bring your gaming idea into being to gain the desired profit and rule the gaming industry in a cost-effective way.

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