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Web Developer Salary: How Much Do Web Developers Make?

The good news for beginners who are enthusiastic and passionate about web development is that this is the best time to start and grow their careers in this field. You might be wondering why. This is because websites are one of the most prevalent technologies currently being utilized by people worldwide. Individuals can easily have access to websites to carry out their important tasks conveniently and efficiently. Businesses and companies have realized the need to have their own websites, and for this reason, they are hiring web developers on board to get profitable outcomes. In this article, we will be focusing on the talent behind web development. In other words, we will be discussing who web developers are, what they do, and how much do web developers make. 

Web Developers – The Role And Increasing Demand Of Web Developers In The Industry

The process of designing, developing, and launching websites is incomplete without web developers. These professionals are skilled and talented individuals who have an educational as well as experiential background in the field of web development. Almost every company that is looking forward to developing its own website is now hiring web developers. The statistical findings of this demand have reported a figure of 27.7 million developers globally. The increasing demand for web developers has made this industry competitive for professionals. Still, at the same time, it offers amazing benefits with regard to the salary packages that we will discuss further in the article. 

How Much Do Web Developers Make?

Realizing the worth, demand, and need of web developers in the industry often makes people wonder about the worth of a web developer salary. The skill set, geography, and amount of expertise are just a few variables that might affect pay. However, there are many factors that influence the salary of a web developer, which we will discuss further in the article. 

The current statistical reports of the estimated average pay of web developers have calculated that the salary for web developers is $81,957 in the USA. There is a huge comparison between the figures from the 2020 statistics, as in 2020, the average salary of a web developer was $74,742 per year.

The breakdown of the recently estimated salary includes a basic salary of $77,367 and an average yearly bonus of $4,589. The extra money is often paid because of commissions, bonuses, and profit-sharing. 

Skills That Add Value To A Web Developer’s Salary

There are certain skills that one must acquire to add value to their salary as a web developer. Furthermore, these are the skills that companies look for in order to hire web developers for their projects. Some of these skills are mentioned in the list below. 

  • A Grip On HTML And CSS.
  • Knowledge About Programming Languages. 
  • Designing Skills.
  • Developmental Skills.
  • Testing And Debugging Skills.
  • Soft Skills. 
  • SEO Skills. 
  • Analytical Mindset. 


  • A Grip On HTML And CSS

Understanding HTML and CSS is one of the basic needs to look for in a web developer. HTML is the most commonly used markup language that helps developers produce web pages. On the other hand, CSS is a stylesheet language used by developers to style webpages. It helps in determining the fonts, colors, and layout of a website.

In other words, both of these technologies are essential to have a grip on, as CSS designs a webpage, whereas HTML creates its structure.

  • Knowledge Of Programming Languages

The next skill to look for in web developers working for a web development company or on freelancing platforms is evaluating their programming language information. Programming languages are the main source for creating and testing codes. One of the most common programming languages that web developers utilize is known as JavaScript, which helps in developing codes to incorporate complex structures and features into a website easily. 

  • Designing Skills

Even though web development and web design are two different domains, it is still crucial for developers to have the skill of generating responsive designs for websites. A responsive design helps developers make websites that are functional on multiple platforms like mobile devices, desktops, iPads, tablets, etc., which would help businesses gather leads from different resources.

  • Developmental Skills

Just like responsive design skills are a must for web developers, it is also essential to hire web developers who have strong developmental skills. In this regard, developmental skills refer to having information as well as experience regarding back-end, front-end, and full-stack developmental procedures that would ensure the working of a website and its pages. 

  • Testing And Debugging Skills

Next in line is the skill of testing and debugging websites, which adds a lot of value to a web developer salary. It is crucial for developers to know how to check websites for flaws regularly. Not only that, but these skilled individuals should also know how to troubleshoot the error if the need arises. Opting for the right testing procedure, debugging the errors at the right time, and iterating the process are necessary skills for a web developer to have. 

  • Soft Skills 

Soft skills, which are also known as interpersonal skills, are essential for web developers. It is with the help of skills like communication, teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making, etc., that a web developer would build a reputable place in the market and a respectable persona among peers.  

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Skills

Digital marketing is one of the key elements to include when we talk about any sort of developmental procedure. In the case of web development, it is essential for web developers to have a strong grip on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills that would help them generate website traffic. With such skills, a website is made to appear high enough on search engine result pages to draw more website visitors. 

  • Analytical Mindset

Last but not least, having an analytical mindset is also a necessary skill to look out for in order to hire web developers. Having such a mindset helps developers dig deep into the nature of problems, the needs of clients, the demands of users, and other relevant developmental aspects. Altogether, this information helps developers create many successful websites, each with its own unique selling point and value.

What Are The Factors That Influence Web Developer Salary? 

In this section of the article, we will be reviewing a few factors that influence how much do web developers make. 

  • Academic Background. 
  • Certifications.
  • Experience Level.
  • Area Of Specialization.
  • Company Value.


  • Academic Background

The first factor that influences the pay of a web developer is having a strong educational background. Although it is not necessary to attain many degrees to become a web developer, it is still recommended to have academic experience in related fields of web development, like computer sciences, software engineering, programming languages, etc. A command of the theoretical knowledge of coding and development might earn you a salary. For instance, it has been reported that an educational background in computer and information systems might offer a pay scale of $159,010 per year. 

  • Certifications

Limiting yourself to an academic background would end up being a barrier to one’s success. However, if web developers want to earn more and be successful in the industry, it is essential for them to continue their learning process throughout their career, as there is always something new in the tech world to learn. Different kinds of courses and certifications might help web developers increase their value as well as their skills. 

  • Experience Level

A web developer salary also heavily depends on their experience level in the field. For instance, there are three categories of experience levels into which web developers can fall. 

  • An entry-level web developer who has one to three years of experience and earns an average annual salary of around $71,410.
  • Junior-level web developers typically have four to six years of experience and earn an average salary of $79,916 per year.
  • Senior-level web developers who are known to have experience of seven to nine years and earn an average annual pay of $84,969.


  • Area Of Specialization

Next in line is the area of specialization or expertise that would determine the web developer salary. In this regard, it is essential for web developers to achieve skills in a specific domain that would increase their worth and value in that field only. For instance, such specialization might offer an increasing salary rate in the following areas:

  • Back-end development with an annual salary rate of $105,453.
  • Front-end development with an annual wage of $84,530.
  • Full-stack development with an estimated salary of $97,155. 


  • Company Value

Lastly, the name, value, and size of a web development company also matter in determining the salary of web developers. Depending on how well-known the company is in the market, it is possible that it would offer a good pay scale; however, if it is a start-up company, it might not offer a salary equal to a web developer’s net worth. 

How To Become A Web Developer: A Detailed Guide

In this section of the article, we will quickly review some of these ways that might prove helpful for you in getting a kickstart. 

  • Educational Background.
  • Getting Experience From Different Resources.
  • Building A Portfolio.
  • Increasing Social Circle.
  • Staying Connected To The Industry. 


  • Educational Background

It is recommended to have an academic background in related fields so that one can know the basics of web development. Fields like computer science, software engineering, and web design might be helpful. Other than that, different online courses, bootcamps, diplomas, and certifications might also help in gaining information as well as building a strong background as a web developer. 

  • Getting Experience From Different Resources

Theoretical information is one thing, and practical experience is another. In order to become a professional and skilled web developer, it is essential for individuals to gain as much practical experience as they can in different forms, like internships, small-scale job opportunities, working as volunteer assistants in projects, etc. Starting practical experience at an early age would help you develop skills rapidly and make a place in the market effectively. 

  • Building A Portfolio

It is also essential to work on building an attractive and impactful portfolio that will help influence clients. No matter if you are working for a web development company or as an independent freelancer, it is essential to build a portfolio that includes your expertise and information regarding your projects.

  • Increasing Social Circle

The next step that would instantly help beginner web developers make their name and place in the industry is to increase their networking circle. This will help them build contacts with renowned personalities and get an opportunity to work with them as well as learn from them. 

  • Staying Connected To The Industry

Lastly, in order to become a successful, professional, skilled, and known web developer in the industry, it is essential for developers to stay connected to the latest trends and updates in the industry. Since the tech world is constantly growing, it is essential for web developers to stay attached to the latest industrial trends and implement them in their projects. 

What Is The Difference Between Web Development And Web Designing?

People often get confused between web development and web design, as these terms are interchangeably utilized by individuals working in the field. However, these terms have their own distinct meanings that differentiate the two procedures. Web design is a process that is more concerned with giving websites and their web pages a physical appearance. In this process, the professionals are more concerned with designing the layout, theme, elements, typography, color scheme, and other graphical features of the website.

On the other hand, web development includes transforming all the ideas and web design elements into reality by indulging in back-end, front-end, and full-stack web developmental procedures.

 To Wrap Up: How To Hire Web Developers For Your ProjectWeb development is becoming increasingly popular among businesses and companies as they recognize the pivotal role of digitalization in swiftly attracting users. In response to this demand, a growing number of industries are actively seeking to employ skilled web developers. Nevertheless, it remains imperative for businesses to prioritize comprehensive market research before engaging with a web development company. Furthermore, conducting in-depth interviews with potential developers is crucial. By following these steps, companies can protect themselves from potential scams and ensure that their investments of time and money are judiciously utilized in the pursuit of their digital goals.

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