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A Detailed Guide to the Professional Email Marketing Team’s Anatomy

Digital marketing is a strategic method used for the promotion of businesses all over the world through online digital channels. Digital marketing includes multiple strategies and tactics for various online platforms. The goal is to focus on increasing user engagement through any relevant and resourceful platform. From Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Social Media Optimization (SMO), Influencer marketing to affiliated marketing, and many more techniques, email marketing team are now focusing on using emails as an effective source of promotion for businesses. In this article, we will learn about the underlying concept of email marketing, a professional email marketing team’s anatomy, and the benefits of email marketing.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the many techniques of digital marketing used to promote brands, businesses, e-commerce shops, and industries. The statistical reports of email marketing have shown that the Return on Investment (ROI) rate of email marketing is massive and can increase revenue and sales. 

How Does Email Marketing Work?

Email marketing works just like regular emails are composed and sent to the required individual. The only thing that differs in this process is planning a whole marketing campaign. Obviously, you can not use informal language or repetitive or irrelevant information for an email marketing campaign. Your emails have to be precise and creative and should have the ability to attract customers, as no one likes reading long paragraphs of information that will not benefit them in any way. The way email marketing works is simple, the data of the user is obtained through different legal procedures like online transactions, verification, and registration system, and after that, this data is recorded in a database. Once an email marketing team designs a marketing campaign, the email is sent to the customers or users. Nowadays, email marketers work as freelancers, as a part of a digital marketing company working for on-site as well as Outsource Email Marketing.

Types Of Email Generated For Email Marketing

Email marketing is much more than creating a single type of email pattern and sending it to all users at the same time. No. An email marketing consultant is more focused on designing marketing campaigns to cater to all types of emails used in this regard. Some types of emails used in email marketing are

  1. Welcome Emails
  2. Newsletter Emails
  3. Lead Nurturing Emails
  4. Confirmation Emails
  5. Dedicated Emails
  6. Invite Emails
  7. Survey Emails
  8. Promotional Emails
  9. Seasonal Marketing Emails

The Anatomy Of A Professional And Successful Email Marketing Team

Until now, I am sure that the fact that email marketing has a lot more than regular email composition has been made clear. With so many types of emails generated for email marketing and multiple responsibilities to design and run successful marketing campaigns, it is necessary to have not one but various professionals on an email marketing team. These marketing consultants are professionals in their own designated fields, but they work together to promote the brand in multiple ways through innovation and uniqueness. In this section of the article, we will dive into the anatomy of an email marketing team and understand what each email marketing consultant is responsible for.

  • An Email Marketing Strategist

The start and end of any marketing campaign are based on a strategy that is followed and observed throughout the process. For this particular reason, the first person to have on an email marketing team is a professional strategist. The responsibility of the strategist is to develop a creative strategy for the marketing campaign, identify the goals and objectives that need to be fulfilled, and communicate the detailed plan of action with other teammates so that everyone is on the same page and the ratio of confusion and questions is lessened. 

  • An Expert Project Manager

Along with an expert email marketing strategist, hiring a talented project manager on the email marketing team is essential since both of these roles have a strong connection with the company’s or brand’s overall marketing goals. They must work closely to contribute to the overall success of the brand. The project manager is responsible for understanding the idea of an email marketing strategist and designing a plan of action for the campaign to become functional with a promising workflow. Division of tasks, setting essential deadlines, and cooperating and collaborating with teammates is what you will see a project manager doing in the whole process.

  • An Email Copywriter

Everyone knows an email is composed of words and sentences, basically information. The next space in the email marketing team is fulfilled by an excellent email copywriter. The task of a copywriter is pretty apparent. They are hired to create fascinating email bodies and subject lines that will attract the reader as soon as the email notification pops up on their screens. The text in an email designed for marketing purposes also includes call to action (CTAs) that direct the user to specific links or websites. The art of adding CTAs and personalization features is not known to many. Hence an email copywriter is an asset to the team.  

  • The Email Designer

Once the written part of the email marketing campaign is completed, it is time to transform the text into a visually appealing text body. The responsibilities of an email designer are to utilize graphical tools to add relevant images between the texts, set the color theme of the message, and make sure that the whole visual image is close to what the brand or company holds. 

  • The Marketing Manager

Next up in the line is a professional marketing manager. The responsibilities of a marketing manager are more closely related to managing the tasks of managing the whole marketing campaign, making sure that the deadlines are completed on time, creating a sense of collaboration amongst the teammates, and acting as a bridge between the email marketing team and the overall marketing team of the company or business. 

  • An Email Developer

Email developers are tech experts in the domain of email marketing. They make sure that the final product or result of an email is accessible on multiple platforms, is visible on all sorts of screens, has properly functional links, and has the proper understanding of email marketing software. 

  • An Email Marketing Analyst

Lastly, an email marketing team is incomplete without an email marketing analyst. The task of this particular teammate is to obtain and record data regarding the overall turnover of the marketing campaign. They make sure to pay close attention to the pitfalls of the campaign as well as the strengths of the movement for future reference. They try their best to communicate these records in simple language to other teammates so that they can work towards the modification of strategies and upcoming marketing campaigns. 

Benefits Of Email Marketing

Just like any other strategy of digital marketing, it is crucial to understand the benefits of email marketing as it is one of the popular means of promotion that might help you in your future for career or business purposes.

  1. The first and foremost essential benefit of email marketing is that it increases the traffic rate on the brand’s or company’s website. This is done by adding a direct link to the website or an innovative call to action.
  2. Email marketing is one of the most beneficial ways of creating brand awareness among people. By conducting successful marketing campaigns, you make sure that the brand is visible and famous in the market.
  3. Email marketing is a cost-effective and budget-friendly means of digital marketing as compared to other strategies. It enables the brand to reach out to more and more people in no time without the need to spend a lot of money. 
  4. This kind of marketing helps in building a relationship with the customers as your customers feel attached and heard through regular communication and feedback.
  5. Email marketing enables copywriters to create content that the users can relate to or get attracted to, which in return leads to customers relating to the content and trusting the brand.


Email marketing is one of the most prevalent forms of marketing for companies and businesses. It is high time that brands and businesses realize the need to change their marketing method and switch to upgraded ones. One of the best ways to do so is to connect yourself with a digital marketing company like Binate Digital and make the best out of their email marketing services. Get in touch today to learn more.

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