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Pass through the digital revolution of mobile apps with breezy success by offloading your Android app development stress to our best Android app development team. Outsource Android app development today to:

Custom Android App Developers

Android App Designers

Android MVP Developers

Android App Testers

Android Application Maintenance & Support

Android Game App Developers

AR/VR Mobile App Developers

Android Widget App Developers

Android UI/UX

Android Upgradation and Migration

Hire Android App Developers For Surpassing Digital Arena

Do you find yourself looking for outsourcing app development but can not help but think of how easy it can get if you find a designated developer instead who can take care of all the technicalities and give you a custom Android application made in no time? If you do feel that way, our Staff Augmentation services are all good news for you to cut down on production costs with technical expertise and state-of-art technology employment. Multinational agencies have been trusting Binate Digital to hire dedicated Android developers. At the same time, some are adding to their revenue generation streams with our top-tier remote iOS app developers ready for hire.

Hire Dedicated Android Developers

Build A Team Of Affordable Android App Developers

Gone were those days of worries that constantly occupied your sales mind with unnecessary surmounted charges of maintaining production costs. Help yourself with the handpicked local Android app developers to get started on your dream app development project.

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Customer-centric Standards

For the developer you hire, what you wish will be the command and the added value of expert guidance of the professionals we have onboarded for decades. With us, you take advantage of an entire team of mobile app gurus over the budget of a single resource.

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Utility Focused Approach

Get the maximum usage of the money you invest in the project by hiring the best local app developers; after all, who else can help you build an app more relatable than those updated with what you need?

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Pay-as-you-go Model

We understand every penny you plan to invest into the mobile app development counts; therefore, we follow the pricing model where you will pay only for the allocated operational resource.

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Result-driven Solutions

Whether you hire Android app developers USA or remote iOS app developers, our team is trained for years before they are put to work on a project as an allocated resource; that way, we help everyone around the world looking to make a mark in the Android market.

Hire Technical Masters In Android App Development

Outsourcing app development is not a task but a responsibility, with constant updates and worries about whether your work is being done or how it is being worked upon. Therefore, we understand the anxiety that comes along with it. To that end, Binate Digital presents you with a solution to hire dedicated Android developers to remain constantly updated so that you can give your feedback to the designated resource in real time and keep track of all the ways your app development project is being catered to. Our team is trained not just to be the best Android app development team but also to be the best communicators so that you remain satisfied.

Native Android App Development

Get top-class Android app developers to build a scalable app for the operating system of Android. Enable access to your Android app across all sizes of screens and devices with the proficiency of your hired Android app developer. They are trained exclusively in Java, Flutter, and Kotlin, with XML as the core scripting language for front-end development.

Android Web App Development

Our Android Web App makers for hire are proficient in the integrations of CSS, HTML, and Javascript. Expand your digital outreach with the responsive solutions of our Native Android app developers for hire and empower your clients to remain available for their customers without the bounds of preinstallation and storage concerns.

Hybrid App Development

But is Android app development the only forte of our Staff Augmentation developers? No! It is one of our many core competencies that you can get benefitted from. Our competent remote iOS app developers have been making roars across the tech industry for years, which empowers us to offer Hybrid App development solutions with exemplary cross-platform integrations.

Android Wearable App Development

Hire Android app developers to leverage our knowledge of advanced Android development to develop for Wear OS. The Android Wearable App developers ready to work for you are trained extensively to work on sensor programming efficiently so that their capacity to collect and transfer data becomes unmatchable. The Wearable App market isn’t stopping with its solutions anytime soon, which is why our app developers available for hire aren’t stopping their learning too.

Hire Android App Developers For All App Development Needs

Mobile applications are being built all around the tech world, but those that scale well are the ones that are developed well. Outsource Android app development to those who know what they are doing; we have been assisting digital agencies all around the globe to realize the potential in mobile app development by building their dream apps or lending back-office support for their client’s development needs. With a dedicated Android app developer, the agencies have been expanding their target market, experiencing an unstoppable rise in revenue charts, and are growing their horizons worldwide. If you eye for an opportunity to experience the same in your business, it is time to offload your development worries to a designated person responsible for it all, from the initiation to the execution.

Make IT Easy For You

Let Data Hire The Best Android Developer

Hire a mobile app developer for your Android app project free of unconscious bias, as we don’t make the selection but let our AI-powered software exclusively developed for recruitment management match the best developer from our board with your project details.

Share What You Require

To get the right person, you need to guide us rightly for what you are looking for. The rest is on our shoulders to feed the data into the AI-powered recruitment software for the best results.

Shortlist A Match

Our recruitment management software will assist you with options for you to shortlist the developer that complements the most to your app’s requirements, details, and timeline.

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We Make It Perfect For You

Once shortlisted, our hiring experts evaluate the developers with a series of interviews and meetings to handpick the right candidate for your app development needs.

Hiring & Kickoff Meeting

The developer passing all the screening tests will be dedicated to your project. Your hired developer will be ready to begin the work once the approval rolls in from your company.

React Native

Say “Never” to compromising on your user’s experiences ever with our Android app developer’s expert work on React Native framework. Get a number of built-in core components with absolute ease, from advanced to basic. With one code base, add onto the power of building your presence on all platforms, be it iOS, Web, or Android.


Powered with the object-oriented language of programming, expertise in Java empowers your hired Android developer to develop an Android application capable of running on billion devices, be it mobile, gaming consoles, notebook computers, or any other.


Make your coding fun, compatible with all platforms, and concise with the assistance of our professional Kotlin developers. We help you add to your productivity, enhance satisfaction as well as promise you heightened code safety.

Android Studio

Our skillful team of Android app developers is well aware of the Android Software Development Kit. Whether it is your need for User Interface elements, adding data storage, or networking, the command of your hired developer will get it all done.

Android Framework

With the powerful set of Application Programming Interfaces and abundance of knowledge in it, our Android app developers are all set to offer you robust core functionality of Android apps. Hire Android app developers today to set a step into the unbeatable world of app excellence.


What is an Android app without aesthetics? We hire for you specialists in mobile app design to accommodate the app’s creative needs. Binate Digital will hire Android app designers that are affluent in the knowledge of graphic design, web designing, and digital art and have hands-on experience with decades of this professional software of photo editing.


Hire an Illustrator master for your Android app so that any or every custom request for your mobile app development need is fulfilled, be it any filter, effect, layers organization, point data optimization, or task automation. A well-versed Illustrator developer will know how to code, build panels, and scripts, enable cross-web connectivity and offer creative art generation access endlessly till your project duration.

Our Android Development Tech Stack

Read into what your hired developer is an expert in.

Build A Team of Prime Android Developers


Dedicated Android Developers

Trust the leaders of Android development to deliver the best.

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Why Hire Us Get Actively Recognized In The App Market With Developers From Binate Digital

Binate Digital is leading the outsourcing industry of Android App Development from the front row. We are able to do so through our proficiencies in tech and talent.

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Proficient In Android Studio

Our development team of Android applications owns strong abilities to master the knowledge of Android Studio, thereby enabling the support of every version of SDKs

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Experienced In APIs

Android developers at our end carry industry experience in APIs and third-party services to augment your app at the optimal level.

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Databases Masters

To keep a tab on the mounting data of your app, our developers offer their data storage expertise in maintaining any retrieval needed.

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Hands-on XML Functionals

It is essential to have knowledge of XML to make web data accessibility and functionalities implementation easy to follow through. Our Android developers are the best at it.

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Advanced In Android SDK

From Kotlin and C++ to Java, our Android developers have in-depth knowledge of user inputs, lifecycle, layouts, and activities to assist in troubleshooting any code bugs for your app.

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Expert UI and UX Designers

The Android apps we develop are not just sleek but offer imaginative UI/UX. It is safe to say our developers are the ultimate designers of your app.

Partners Who Rely On Us

We have catered to 600 agencies in North America, the Middle East, China, and Western Europe. We believe in building long-term relationships with agencies offshore by providing development services at scale, and this is the only way we know how to do it.

Award Wining

Award & Recognition

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You May Wonder Know More About Our Android App Developers

We understand you might have questions relevant to our service. In order to facilitate you, we present the best advice and solutions for your query.

How else will we work together then? Outsourcing or Staff Augmentation asks for trust. Trust our Android developer competencies and our portfolio to get the work started. And as we continue, we promise it all will be worth it.

At Binate Digital, the developers have intensive learning in the programming languages of Kotlin, Java, and others. They have hands-on experience with Android frameworks of multiple kinds, such as Dagger, Android Studio, Retrofit, and Firebase.

The period it will take to get you the best fit for your project depends upon the details of your project needs and also on your decision.

Our developers are flexible with any mode you prefer, be it on calls, via email, text, or any communication app. To us, transparent communication is the utmost priority.

Android app development is a task that requires time, and that time frame depends on multiple factors, from the project’s scope, the labor involved, the technology used, and the expertise needed. We share a timeline with you as one of the first requisites after project initiation.

If you are on this page, reading this FAQ, you definitely need to hire Android app developers. Jokes apart, when you feel that the production cost of having an in-house development team is a lot, an extra hand can help you balance the existing workload.

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