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We are one of the top digital marketing agencies offering outsourcing services. We take pride of being a successful outsourcer of a variety of IT projects by serving many leading digital marketing agencies globally.

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Personalize your Email Market for Visible Results

Ecommerce websites generate their 50% revenue through robust email marketing; if you are an eCommerce brand looking to add in sales to your revenue stream, connect with us so that we can empower you with our transactional and marketing emails.

Binate Digital has all the required integrations for the success of an email marketing campaign designed for your business as we are well-experienced in building powerful integrations with renowned eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and others of such caliber.

We plan email marketing campaigns around slow dripping of information, where instead of loading the inbox with information the targeted audience may skip as spam, we give in irresistible anecdotes that no one wants to leave unread such as product teasers or brand updates are given with thoughtful email marketing content.


We excel in

Email Marketing

At Binate Digital, we empower our clients to unleash the supremacy of smart segmentation to engage the audience with efficacy. We provide results by targeting a smaller subset of the audience, complementing them with the kind of content they will be appealed to. Further, we fuel results by an AI-powered system that maximizes the engagement index by sending emails at such a time where the only possibility that exists is of desired response to the CTA given in the email.

Our work doesn’t end where our campaign is put into practice. Instead, we keep real-time tabs on the performance of our campaigns to gain insights for making apt changes and better campaign designing. We improvise every time we design an email campaign due to our consistent practice of A/B testing the leads enabling the increase in conversion of emails.


Who does it?

Highly-qualified Email Marketing Experts

Our team of skilled marketing analysts has made us proud by crafting custom automated solutions for email workflows to automate repetitive tasks successfully reaching the right person with no missing of the right time to provide a seamless customer experience.

If you are looking for solutions to somehow automate your email marketing to give your undivided attention to your business, reach out today!


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