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Your Ecom services; our responsibility

We offer a variety of ecommerce automation to our clients, including Amazon, Facebook, and Shopify.

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If you're willing to sell any of your products or deliver something, Facebook is a platform that can help you to cover almost 90% audience or customers. It is where you can get potential buyers and bring traffic to your business through the people living nearby or across the sea to see the ad increasing the likelihood of a sale.



When Amazon becomes your platform of choice, your business operations become ten times easier because we at Binate Digital take the responsibility to conduct product research, select the most cost-effective supplier to ship the product from overseas, design the packages, and sell it on Amazon for you.


Even if you do not have an established business, you can still become a trader by becoming a third-party seller. We facilitate the process for you by buying from a brand of choice for you and then selling it off on Shopify after assigning a certain profit margin. Even if you don't already have a business, you can become a trader by becoming a third-party seller. We make the procedure easier for you by purchasing from a brand of your choice and then selling it on Shopify with a predetermined profit margin.